Airity has developed a number of high-voltage products, including custom devices for our customers not shown here for confidentiality reasons. We have a roadmap of diverse products for a variety of future applications. Here are the three products we have available for purchase today. Each of these can be tailored to your specific application depending on your requirements.


Our revolutionary DC-to-DC power conversion technology enables a device with the footprint of a credit card that can output greater than 2 kV at 100 W.

• Ultra-fast rise times of a few microseconds
• Higher power: Good for medium-high power, increased power available through parallelization
• Efficiency > 90% means less cooling required and higher stability
• Extremely compact: Up to 100 W/in3, extremely portable
• Low ripple: Our circuit design offers low ripple with filters
• Lower cost: PCBs and off-the-shelf components, fully automated assembly possible
• Less energy storage: Safer operation

Airity Edge


We have developed pulsed power supplies with ultra-fast rise times and nanosecond pulse durations. Commonly used for ion-beam blanking or particle accelerators.

• Ultra-fast rise times of a few microseconds
• Precise pulse timing control
• Compact size


The small size and high power of Airity Technologies' RF power supplies enable versatile plasma systems, operating in the 13 MHz range. We have developed systems capable of generating plasma in an open atmosphere as well as a variety of gas mixtures in partial and hard vacuum.

See a few examples of these products in action

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