Next generation high-voltage power

We are a deep-tech startup in the field of power electronics. We are advancing next-generation technologies enabled by innovative high-voltage power conversion approaches. Our power supply units are 10 times smaller and 50 times more power-dense than existing units with comparable specs.

Edge: High-voltage power supply module

Our revolutionary DC-to-DC power conversion technology enables a device with the footprint of a credit card that can output greater than 2 kV at 100 W. 

• Ultra-fast rise times of a few microseconds
• Compact and light
• Low ripple

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High-voltage EPC for Vacuum Electronics

Compact electronic power conditioners for vacuum electronics including traveling-wave tubes, magnetrons and X-ray sources. Used for satellite communication.  

• Ultra-fast rise times <1 ms
• Compact and light 
• Arc protection 
• Low ripple
• Customizable

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High voltage

Pulsed power supplies with ultra-fast rise times and nanosecond pulse durations. Used for ion-beam blanking or particle accelerators.

• Ultra-fast rise times of a few nanoseconds
• Precise pulse timing control 
• Compact size

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RF Power

The small size and high power of Airity Technologies RF power supplies enable versatile plasma systems, operating up to 80 MHz range with powers exceeding
10 kW. We have developed systems capable of generating plasma in an open atmosphere and various gas mixtures in partial and hard vacuum. We focus on close-coupled systems with tight integration between the plasma source and the RF power supply.

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We work closely with customers in various fields,
including aerospace, consumer applications,
medical devices, clean tech, and semiconductor equipment. Our custom solutions can deliver high performance by leveraging Airity’s patented
technologies and co-optimizing end applications.

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