The future of compact high voltage power
is here

Airity Technologies

We are a deep-tech startup in the field of power electronics. We are advancing next-generation technologies enabled by innovative high-voltage power conversion approaches. Our power supply units are 10 times smaller and 50 times more power-dense than existing units with comparable specs.

how are we different?

At Airity, we don't stop at what is possible today. Our deep background in high-voltage and high-frequency power electronics research leads us to our true north - to bring to market cutting edge power electronics that will unlock opportunities in multiple industries. We see entirely new categories of products enabled by our technology.

What do we do?

Stated quite humbly, we make very fancy power supplies. Our proprietary technology decreases device size by a factor of 10 and increases power density up to 50x when compared with currently available solutions. Additionally, because the size of the components is scaled down, we can deliver very short rise or startup times, and eliminate the bulk and complexity of pulse management networks entirely by replacing them with firmware controls.


Our power conversion technology is fundamentally enabled by a combination of novel circuit topologies, very high switching frequencies in the tens of MHz, and carefully optimized component selection including new classes of electronic components such as Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide transistors. Typical system efficiencies for high-voltage (greater than 1000 V) power supplies are in the 70% range, but our technology achieves >90% efficiency, which is particularly important for thermal management as device sizes decrease.


• Size
• Efficiency (>90%)
• Low weight
• High power density
• Very fast rise time
• Thermal management

Think of the possibilities...

This technology is certainly able to displace competing power supplies for existing applications, but we are most excited about the possibility of entirely new product categories and applications enabled by a 50x improvement in high-voltage power density. Devices that used to be the size of a microwave can now be handheld. Products that today require a separate Power Processing Unit could have our circuits integrated into them, saving space, complexity, etc.