The World's Smallest High Voltage Power Supplies

Airity Technologies' high voltage DC power supplies are extremely power dense, allowing for new applications where small size and low weight are crucial such as aerospace or portable devices.


Nanosecond Pulsers

Airity Technologies' nanosecond pulsers can be used to generate cold atmospheric plasmas with unparalleled efficiency and small size.


Revolutionary RF Power

Airity Technologies develops compact, closed coupled RF sources that can be used for plasma generation and other high energy applications.


Scientific Advisor: Prof. Juan Rivas-Davila, Prof. Christophe Laux

Business Advisor: Israel Beinglass

Meet The Team

Airity Technologies develop novel and proprietary circuit topologies that allow for extremely small and power dense high voltage sources. By working closely with leading clients, we develop custom solutions where the power electronics provide a technical and commercial edge.

Johan Andreasson


PhD, Physics,

Stanford University

Luke Raymond


PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Wei Liang


Founding Engineer

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

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