Our technology has a wide range of applications across multiple industries. From plasma generation for semiconductor manufacturers, to medical devices, to electric propulsion for satellites, our team is ready to engage with you to solve complex problems and push the boundaries of what is feasible or even possible.

Electric Satellite Propulsion

Our lightweight multi-kilovolt power supplies save on launch costs and improve system efficiency. As the world moves away from chemical propellants and towards electric solutions for in-space propulsion, our technology allows us to develop extremely compact, light and highly efficient power processing units (PPUs) that can allow you to to carry higher payloads and extend the life of your missions.

• Ion thrusters
• Hall Effect thrusters
• Plasma Thrusters

Airity Pulser
Airity Pulser

medical and Scientific imaging

We have an existing partnership with a company creating medical imaging devices using ion beams. Lower cost, reduced system complexity, and more efficient packaging design enabled by the small size of our technology can lead to new product opportunities for multiple categories of imaging and scientific products in the 5-100 kV range.

• Portable X-ray
• Ion Lithography
• Particle Accelerators
• Low voltage electron microscopes
• Scanning electron microscopes

plasma generation

High efficiency and carefully controlled pulse duration and characteristics enable a wide range of plasma types and power ranges in diverse design conditions. These vary from room temperature plasma in the open atmosphere for medical wound sterilization to industrial surface treatments in partial vacuum with custom gas mixtures for etch and deposition purposes at multi-kW power levels. In many cases we can completely eliminate the need for expensive and bulky impedance matching hardware.

Airity Pulser
Airity Pulser

Future applications

• Electrostatic precipitation for vehicle and ship emissions
• Non-thermal pasteurization
• Silent VTOL drones
• Plasma-powered electric jet engine
• Vacuum electronics

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